Innovative, Collaborative Solutions

We are family owned for over 30 years we specialized in application of high explosives for controlled blasting and specialized in crushing and screening for excavation of hard rock. With a work force having many years of combined experience in blasting, Rock Blasting Services (RBS) has develop the expertise needed to provide the construction, mining and aggregate industry with state-of-the-art blasting, and with a strong reputation in the industry for providing innovative, collaborative solutions to its clients unique challenges. We believe in developing and maintaining long term relationship with our Clients by actively listening to their feedback in order to strengthen our trust and loyalty. Highly experienced management and sound business practices ensure projects are completed to the satisfaction of our clients. Our knowledge of blasting and forward thinking with our strong customer relationships flows right back . Know how makes the different This enables RBS to bring new services to the market in a proactive and timely manner to meet changing demands We aim to get it right first time. Where we get something wrong, we will acknowledge it, correct it and learn from it.
Know-how makes the difference!