RBS has a number of projects in South  Africa, as well as in the rest of Africa, and that the company is consistently looking at new prospects in African countries where it does not have interests yet.

In recent years, controlled rock blasting methods have been used to excavate rock in shafts, tunnels, and chambers at many projects at urban locations throughout South Africa. For engineers, blasters, regulators, project supervisors, and managers, controlling blast-induced vibrations and air overpressure and other risks associated with this blasting is becoming an ever increasing challenge.

For urban work, explosives security, storage and handling systems, over break control, impacts of blasting on the, environment and community relations and the availability of skilled labour also influence the outcome of the work.

This presents practical methods regarding blast design and risk management practices that have been used successfully at high-exposure projects located in South Africa.
In today’s era of globalisation, developing countries are increasingly competing for a share of foreign direct investment and trade, and within each country, it is essential for regions to market their opportunities and key advantages.

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