Road Cuttings

Pre Splitting

The importance of limiting over break and damage to rock walls at the perimeter of rock  excavations can not be underestimated.  To minimize these undesirable effects there are several perimeter blasting techniques  which are available. Over past years these controlled blasting methods have undergone a great deal of improvement and are now common in open pit mining as well as in public  works projects. These techniques are namely smooth wall blasting (or trim blasting), line  drilling, cushion blasting, pre-split blasting, fracture control method, and linear shaped  charge method. Although more costly to implement, these methods offer the following  beneficial qualities that justify the effort and expense.  ability to maintain safe conditions permitting quicker progress•.

  • increased stability of the rock wall
  • • improved stripping ratios
  • • applied to ore limits it can reduce dilution
  • • less broken rock to load and transport

Of these perimeter control techniques, pre-split blasting has become the most widely used  method.

dissertation introduction

This method will be reviewed in full covering the relevant background theory  including a review of factors that affect pre-split blasting results, the practical aspects and  considerations, and the benefits to be gained by using this method.

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